Robert Langmead is passionate about environmental issues and ensures that sustainable choices are at the heart of his businesses:

Natures Way Foods & the Environment

Natures Way Foods (NWF) is dedicated to reducing waste and improving its carbon footprint to minimize impact on the environment. The company is actively engaged in recycling and all systems are designed to achieve a target of zero waste to landfill. Process water from Natures Way Food sites is filtered and used to irrigate local fields, salad and fruit waste is composted to fertilise local fields, and biodiversity areas on Natures Way Foods sites work to enhance local flora and fauna where possible.

In 2016, NWF installed a new LED lighting system at its Runcton site to save the equivalent electricity usage of 160 homes annually. The project is expected to provide a 10% reduction in energy usage across the business once fitted at all sites.

NWF was awarded the ISO 50001 International Standard for Energy Efficiency in 2016. The company plans to invest a further £250,000 in energy reduction projects during 2016 and will help NWF meet the Government’s Climate Change Levy five years early.

Kingsbridge & the Environment

Kingsbridge aims to create a positive environment impact; its sustainable targets are:

  • Deliver EV charging points on all developments, above planning requirements
  • Deliver solar PV on all new developments
  • Achieve EPC A on all developments and refurbishment projects
  • Undertake works to bring all managed assets within the portfolio to EPC B by 2028
  • Achieve BREEAM Excellent on all developments and refurbishments
  • 100% renewable energy contracts across the portfolio in landlord controlled areas
  • Deliver biodiversity net gain on all development schemes ahead of government targets