Natures Way Foods Selsey – the home of babyleaf!

16 April 2021

Natures Way Foods Selsey site has recently expanded to meet growing customer demand.

As the U.K.’s market leaders in bagged salad, Natures Way Foods have continued to invest to support their long-term growth strategy and meet customer demand.

The Selsey site, known as the Home of Babyleaf, has been extended twice since its opening in 1995. The latest investment sees an increase of 2500 sq metres, bringing the total to 12,400 sq metres, making it the largest bagged salad site in the U.K.  Natures Way Foods has spent the past 12 months building the addition to the existing factory and it now contains some of the most advanced and leading-edge kit.  The project team have worked collaboratively with machine specialists to design bespoke solutions for washing, preparing and bagging babyleaf products.

In addition to the investment in the factory build and kit, the IT infrastructure has been significantly upgraded with fibreoptic cabling and a redesign to support the future growth of the business. Roof-mounted air conditioning units have been installed to provide stable temperature and humidity and UPS’s to ‘clean’ the power input and provide short periods of backup when required.

The site expansion has led to 100 new roles at the Selsey site alone and there is a full-scale onboarding and training process in place to support the teams.

“I’m proud to lead this exceptional site as experts in babyleaf production. The demand for babyleaf products, spinach, watercress and the like, is on the rise and we will deliver the best quality and service to our customers.”
Gary Kilhams – General Manager, Natures Way Foods.