NWF installs innovative LED lighting

9 March 2016

Innovative new lighting system saves equivalent electricity of 160 homes per year

Natures Way Foods (NWF) has installed a new LED lighting system at our Runcton site that saves the equivalent electricity usage of 160 homes annually.

Plans to roll the new system out to our two other sites are already underway. The project is expected to provide a 10% reduction in energy usage across the business once fitted at all sites, and will help NWF meet the Government’s Climate Change Levy five years early.

Richard Sellis, Head of Engineering at NWF said “We have 1,030 lights across our three sites and 90% of the electricity consumed is via the same light fitting. It made sense to develop an alternative lighting system”.

NWF wanted a system that could easily be retrofitted into our existing light fittings. Over the last several years we tested different technologies, but with limited success, so we worked with a local lighting specialist to develop our own solution.

The result was a LED light array and controlLED lighting has been installed at NWF’s Runcton site system that could be retro-fitted into our existing light housing and powered off the existing infrastructure. The lighting was constructed from a number of light emitting diode (LED) arrays, which have a life span approximately five times that of a metal halide lamp. They also come to full brightness without the need for a warm-up time and their light levels don’t degrade over time or by being switched on and off.

Having recently achieved the ISO 50001 international standard for energy efficiency, NWF plans to invest a further £250,000 in energy reduction projects during 2016.