Robert Langmead began investing in property in 1991 and founded Kingsbridge in 2004.


Kingsbridge develops exceptional spaces for work, life and leisure across the South.

Since 2004 the business has worked with landowners, financial partners and other industry leaders to bring financial, social and economic benefits to communities through responsible development.

Kingsbridge is based in the South and understands what a great place it is to live, work and enjoy. It brings that passion to life in its industrial, office and town centre mixed-use developments.

Robert’s Role

Under Robert’s leadership, Kingsbridge quickly became a leader in developing exceptional industrial, warehouse, office and mixed–use schemes in the South.

Kingsbridge is renowned for delivering award–winning commercial projects for its partners and end users, alongside generating environmental and social benefit.

Kingsbridge is passionate about the South as a place to work and live – and it places communities, occupiers and future generations at the heart of everything it does.

What Makes Kingsbridge Unique:

-Excellence – guided by its principles of fairness and excellence which is adhered to by its exceptional team of real estate and finance professionals.
-Professionalism – It prides itself on being a “go-to” developer in the South – one that partners want to work with.  It set high standards and partners with those who share our vision and values, and our commitment to delivering exceptional developments.
-Financial capability – The business is family-backed with a strong balance sheet and development track record. It invests its own capital alongside partners and generates outstanding returns.
-Track record – The company is renowned for delivering exceptional, award-winning industrial, office and mixed-use developments, which are attractive to occupiers.
-Responsibility – The company are committed to developing responsibly – leaving a lasting, positive impact on the region. Sustainability, local communities and economic prosperity are at the heart of its work.
-People First – The company aim’s to be an inspiring place to work, attracting, developing and retaining a high calibre team to deliver on being the leading developer in the South.